Scoring is based on a point-per-place system. Your point total equals the sum of your ranks on for each workout.  

In a points-per-place scoring system, you will want to achieve the least amount of points to rank higher on the leaderboard.

If you scale a workout, your score will be placed below anyone that performed a workout as prescribed.  A (s) will be notated next to your score and you will be ranked against others that scaled as well.

For example:

  • Athlete 1 performed a workout prescribed and logged 100 reps.
  • Athlete 2 scaled the same workout and logged 100 reps
  • Athlete 3 scaled the same workout and logged 101 reps
  • Athlete 1 will be ranked higher, than Athlete 2 and 3
  • Athlete 3 would be ranked higher than Athlete 2

Overall, an Athlete that does all workouts prescribed will always rank higher than an Athlete that mixes between prescribed and scaled.

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