Coaches are not required to arrive with you at check-in. Coaches are considered spectators with normal spectator access. 

One (1) coach credential ticket will be given for each individual athlete or, if on a team, one (1) coach credential ticket for each team. That ticket will be exchanged for a wristband upon your coach first entering into the park for the weekend, and will be placed on their wrist where it will non-transferable. Again, your coaches credential ticket will be in your athlete packet so it will be your responsibility to deliver it to your coach.  

Coach credentials grant limited access to the competition venues. They DO NOT grant full access to all areas of the park. Coaches may not accompany athletes into the Athlete Tent or the Warm-up Area. Coaches limited access will be strictly enforced and applied to all athletes. Please plan accordingly.

Your coach must wear their coach credential to access Bayfront Park venue. The Coach Credential also serves as a Festival Pass. They will be able to observe athletes from the stands at all Festival Pass accessible venues as a general admission ticket holder.

Athlete Tent: Coaches may not enter the Athlete Tent or the Warm-up Area at any time. These areas are a designated athlete hangout and the rallying point for each heat only. Any other access or restrictions will be communicated on-site. 

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