Team WZA has been intentionally mum about the details, in order to avoid any circumvention of the rules. Now, here are some important notes.

  • First, your "before" photos must be taken between April 24th and May 10th. Any photos taken earlier would signal a "jumpstart" on the Challenge, and thus, disqualification.
  • Deadline to submit before photos is May 10th, at 11:59pm ET
  • If you do not submit all appropriate photos by this time, you are ineligible to win the grand prize.

Here are the detailed steps to submitting your photos appropriately. 

To take your before photos, you'll need a few things: 

  • First, a camera or cell-phone
  • Someone to snap the photo (No selfies, even in a mirror.)
  • Finally, a newspaper depicting a date on or after April 24th

Next, the four photos that must be taken are:

  • Front body shot
  • Side body shot
  • Back body shot
  • A repeat front shot, holding the newspaper showing the front page and visible date

Other important rules & notes regarding the before photos:

  • The three body photos must feature 3/4 to full body shots.
  • The fourth photo must clearly display the date on the newspaper.
  • All photos, minus the back shot, must clearly show the participant wearing the same attire, as well as clearly feature the participant's face.
  • Participant must be wearing a bathing suit or something similar to allow accurate judging of participant's transformation.
  • All four photos must be taken within the same one hour period.
  • We recommend taking your pictures in a well-lit area.

How to submit your photos:

In order to submit, first log in, which will take you to the dashboard. Once there, identify the "Before Photo Submission" section.

Next, after uploading your photos to your computer, click "Front."

It should then take you to a photo upload screen where you can drag or select your photo either from your computer or other social options.

Select the photo so it shows in the box, and click "Upload."

To confirm your photo is saved, it should appear in the preview box that was once empty like in the image below.

Complete this for all four image types, and most importantly the newspaper photo. It should show you in a similar position as in the "front" photo, with your face visible, with the front of a newspaper visible.

Once this is complete, there is no further saving needed; you are good to go!

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