I see that there are a Prescribed and Alternate versions of the workouts... which should I do? 

If you plan on qualifying for WZA Miami, for any division that requires qualification, you should be completing the "Prescribed" versions of all workouts.  

If you cannot meet the Prescribed standard in any workout, we are providing an Alternate version for you! 

Can I still compete in WZA Miami if I perform an Alternate workout?

Yes you can!  Everyone who successfully finishes the WZAOC will be eligible for open registration (first come, first serve.)  The open registration will be for Scaled and Beginner divisions only.

What if I want to compete in WZA Miami as a Scaled or Beginner Athlete but can still meet the Prescribed standard in some workouts?

Great!  We encourage anyone and everyone to do the Prescribed versions when they can. Push yourself to YOUR limits.

I need to further modify the Alternate version of the workout. What can I do?

The intention behind simplifying the WZA OC process this year was to be inclusive. Feel free to modify the Alternate version if needed!  Whenever you need to modify an exercise in one of the Alternate workouts, that is when your score stops.  

As an example:

Alternate WOD 2

40 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches
40 Jumping Pull Ups
30 Dumbbell Burpees
30 Ring Rows
20 Devil Press
20 Pull Ups--> Modify further, to 10 Ring Rows

If I modify the 10 Pull Ups for more ring rows, that is fine. But my submitted score would consist of the 30 Jumping Pull-ups, the 20 Ring Rows, and NOT the 10 pull-ups.

If you modify the load of the weight, your score would be 0, however, it would technically count as you completing the WOD.

Do I need to submit my videos for WOD 1 or WOD 2?

No.  However we recommend you record any and all workouts to the video standard posted in the scorecard.  You may be asked at the end of the WZAOC to submit videos.  You may record your videos using an app or simply your phone camera.  

My goal is to compete in WZA Miami in a specific Age Group or division.  I noticed there are no divisions in the WZAOC.  What workout do I do?

Anyone who wants to compete at WZA Miami needs to be completing the Prescribed version.  This goes for all Age Groups, etc.

Where do I submit my score?

Scores should be submitted here:

WOD 1 Specific Questions

I’m a male.  Can I do workout 1 with a 33lb or “women’s” bar?

No.  All men who are performing any workout in the WZAOC, whether the Alternate or Prescribed version must perform them with a 45lb bar if they want their score to be valid. 

What's the tie-breaker for WOD 1?

There is no tie-breaker for WOD 1. 

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