I plan on competing at WZA Miami in the scaled division but I think that I can perform the prescribed version of the workout.  Can I?
Absolutely! And we highly encourage it!

What if I perform some workouts as prescribed and some alternate?  Can I still compete in Miami?
Yes.  Anyone who wishes to compete in any of the qualifying divisions should be performing the prescribed versions of the WZAOC workouts.  Everyone who successfully finishes the WZAOC regardless of what version of the workouts they performed or what their ranking is will be eligible for open registration.

Do beginners have to perform the alternate version of the workout?
No.  Beginners can perform either version of the workouts based on what they feel best suits their level of fitness.


Can I use multiple bars for WOD 3?
No you cannot.  Only one bar may be used for WOD 3.

Can anyone load my bar for WOD 3?  Does it have to be me?  Does it have to be my judge?
Anyone can load weight on to the bar for WOD 3.Do I have to use clips for WOD 3?
Yes.  Clips must always be used.

Do I have to wait until the 4:00 is up before going to the next weight?
No.  Once you complete your 3 rounds of DT, you can immediately continue after your bar has been loaded to the next prescribed weight.  After each successful round is completed, you can add 4:00 to your working time.

What happens when I get to the final bar in WOD 3?  How many rounds do I perform?
When you get to the final bar, you will perform an AMRAP with the time you have remaining.

Does WOD 3 have a tie breaker?
Yes, it is the time for your last 3 rounds rounds completed.


Do I need to complete WOD 4 how it is written?  (Chipper style)

No.  WOD 4 can be broken down anyway as long as the prescribed repetitions are completed.

Does WOD 4 have a tie breaker?

Do I need to announce what my WOD 4 breakdown will be on video prior to starting?
No.  But we do recommend that your judge knows the plan so they can stay on track.  We provided a “NOTES” section on the scorecard to help.

What if I change my plan half way through WOD 4?  Do I have to start over?  Is it valid?
Yes, you can change your plan at anytime as long as the prescribed repetitions are complete.

Can I perform WOD 4 with a slam ball or something that is not a Medicine Ball?
No you may not.

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