I plan on competing at WZA Miami in the scaled division but I think that I can perform the prescribed version of the workout.  Can I?
Absolutely! And we highly encourage it!

What if I perform some workouts as prescribed and some alternate?  Can I still compete in Miami?
Yes.  Anyone who wishes to compete in any of the qualifying divisions should be performing the prescribed versions of the WZAOC workouts.  Everyone who successfully finishes the WZAOC regardless of what version of the workouts they performed or what their ranking is will be eligible for open registration.

Do beginners have to perform the alternate version of the workout?
No.  Beginners can perform either version of the workouts based on what they feel best suits their level of fitness.

WOD 5/6 Specific

Are workouts 5/6 one score or two?
Workouts 5 and 6 are scored separately.  Workout 5 is scored by your total time to complete the prescribed exercises within the time cap.  Workout 6 is scored by your Clean and Jerk with the remaining time.

Is the value of workout 6 the same as the others?

What is the burpee standard for workout 5?
Each rep begins with hands, chest and feet on the ground on the same side of the C2 Rower. With a two foot take off, the athlete may then jump over the rower. The repetition ends when the athlete’s foot makes contact with the other side of the rower. 

This can be performed facing or lateral to the rower. The athletes hip does not need to reach full extension at the top of the burpee.  Athletes performing the alternate version do not have to jump and may “step over” the rower.

Do I have to use a C2 Rower?
Yes.  That is the only rowing machine allowed in the 2019 WZAOC.

Do I need to use clips on the bar for either workout 5 or 6?
Yes.  Athletes must always have clips on the bar.

Can a judge or loader help me load the bar for workout 6?

Can my judge restart the C2 rower?

Are there tie-breakers?
The tie-breaker for WOD 5, is the athlete’s WOD 6 score.
The tie-breaker for WOD 6 is the time on WOD 5.

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