Does each athlete need to perform a 9RM Overhead Squat?
No.  The score is cumulative.  If Male 1 performs 6 overheard squats, Male 2 must perform 3 overhead squats.

Can 1 athlete do all 9 reps?

No, there is a minimum of 1 rep per athlete!

Do the teammates have to be together?


Do I have to have clips on the bar?

Yes, clips must be used for all lifts to be counted. 

May I squat snatch the first rep of the Overhead Squat?
A squat snatch is permitted, but not required, to start the first repetition as long as the standard depth is achieved.

May I Snatch Balance the first rep?

For the front squat, can I squat clean the first rep?

A full squat clean on the first repetition will count as a repetition as long as all the above requirements are met.

Can I submit my score in KG
All scores must be submitted in pounds (lbs) regardless if performed in kilograms (kg).

Can the two athletes use different weights for the 9 rep max?
Yes! As long as the total is 9 reps between the pairs!

Do we have to submit 1 video with both athletes?
Please submit 1 video PER athlete!

Do the reps have to be unbroken?

How is this workout scored?
Here's an example:
Male 1 does 5 Reps at 220
Male 2 does 4 Reps at 250
Score: 470

Female 1 does 3 Reps at 130
Female 2 does 6 Reps at 180
Score: 310

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