Now that the Online Challenge is over, registration for WZA Miami is here. 

For those seeking to compete at Wodapalooza in an Open Registration team or scaled, first, must be eligible. Once eligible, you’ll have the opportunity to register on a first-come, first-serve basis for one of the limited spots.

The Open Registration for individuals will open on November 1st at 8PM ET. 

The Open Registration for teams will open on November 23rd at 8PM ET. 

To be transparent, in years past, it has sold-out within seconds. While we don’t want anyone unhappy with the process, unfortunately not everybody is guaranteed a spot. 

However, understanding the process is vital, so that you may increase your chances of securing a spot. Check out the how it works below. 

First, who's eligible? To be eligible to register, the following criteria must be met:

-Participated in the WZA Online Challenge Challenge in one of the following divisions:

-Intermediate/Scaled, Master’s 45-49 Master’s 50-54Master’s 55+, Youth 16-18 | Eligible for the Scaled individual division
Adaptive Standing | Eligible for the Standing scaled division
-Adaptive Seated | Eligible for the Seated scaled division

-Intermediate Team/Scaled Team | Eligible for Scaled Team Division

-You must have completed & submitted scores for all Online Challenge WOD’s

-Finally, you must have submitted the required videos prior to the video submission deadline.

If you met all of the above criteria, congrats, you’re eligible! 

Next, is the process of physically registering.

You'll receive an email with specific instructions, a link & a code to sign-up. 

This email will also tell you the specific date and time that registration will commence: For Individuals Nov. 1st @ 8PM ET

If you didn’t receive this email, it’s because unfortunately, you weren’t eligible.

If you attempt to access the link prior to the November 1st date, you’ll see a countdown, like this:

At 8PM ET on the dot, your page will automatically refresh and you may begin the registration process.

Steps to register:

  1. To get ahead of the game, before countdown timer ticks away, go to and sign in using your same account information for the online challenge.
  2. Then click on the registration link.
  3. Once registration opens, select your division and type in the unique passcode provided (remember it's case sensitive) in your email and click Proceed.  
  4. By signing in beforehand the registration form will be pre-populate with most of the information you’ve already provided during the qualifiers, saving you time in completing the process.
  5. Register as quick as you can before it sells out!
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