For the individual Online Challenge & Qualifier, workouts are released each Wednesday at 8PM ET, starting on October 3rd. Each week, scores are due on Monday at 8PM ET. 

The team portion of the Online Challenge & Qualifier, will see all workouts released over two days: Friday, November 2nd & Saturday, November 3rd, 2018.

All scores are due on November 12th, at 8PM ET, 2018.

Individual Challenge Dates-

Week 1 WOD Release - Wednesday, October 3rd @ 8PM ET
Week 1 Scores Due - Monday, October 8th @ 8PM ET

Week 2 WOD Release - Wednesday, October 10th @ 8PM ET
Week 2 Scores Due - Monday, October 15th @ 8PM ET

Week 3 WOD Release - Wednesday, October 17th @ 8PM ET
Week 3 Scores Due - Monday, October 22nd @ 8PM ET

Team Challenge Dates-

All WOD's Released - Friday, November 2nd & Saturday, November 3rd
All Scores Due - Monday, November 12th @ 8PM ET

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