WOD 4 Related Questions

Can you wear grips while holding dumbbells? 

  • Yep! Feel free.

On the burpee portion of the Devil Press, do I have to jump to stand, or can I step up? 

  • If performing it as prescribed for your division. you must jump back, and jump to stand. However, if performing as scaled, you may step back and step up.

What's the tie-breaker? 

  • The tie-breaker is the total time it takes from the start of the workout through the round of 8 & 8. 

WOD 5 Related Questions

What's the tie-breaker? 

  • The tie-breaker for WOD 5, is the total time that is eclipsed after the 2nd round of back squats ie. after the 30 back squats, 30 toes to bar, and 30 back squats.
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